Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parks first black eye

Dad and Park at school

Miranda and Addi

My beautiful great niece Addi

I am alive (sortof)....

Sorry guys, I am here, kinda. So I will start with the present and work back as far as I can. Park had swine flu (yuck) and then an upper respiratory infection. So 5 days of school he has missed. I got is work yesterday and we are almost caught up. He goes back tomorrow. My beloved niece has gone to EGYPT for 3 weeks, she is in the airforce and volunteered for this little trip. I am so nervous for her but excited at the same time. We took Park to the Pharaohs exhibit about two weeks ago and he loved it. Miranda promised to take lots of pictures for him. Miranda's little girl Addi is turning 1 in November. I am so excited, my great niece is beautiful. I am loving my job, newest team member is Kimberly, she is funny and abit of a smarty pants. I love it. I have joined a gym, been several times, thank you Jo. I have not lost any weight, but I do feel so much better. My other bf Nick has been leading a women's bible study, and she is doing an awesome job. Other than that, not a lot (recently). Park has lost a couple more teeth, he is doing good in school. My niece is about to turn 8, she gets to go see Miley Cyrus next week. She is very excited. Okay so I am sortof caught up. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


Okay the past few weeks, crazy as in muy loco !!!!!! Jerry is in his own Edward Jones Office, I am not sure it is what we expected (the circumstances around the move are no perfect) however I am counting this as a huge blessing. For those who may not know we have been working together for the last year. I am really amazed who much better we are getting along now that there is a little space between us, THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!! We are hiring a new person in our front office and I am really excited. I have talked to her a couple of times and I think this will be a good match. Jerry and I went to STL for a business meeting and hung out for a few days. It was nice to just lay by the pool and relax. So now for the big news ( no,Nic no kiddos) Parker left today to go to Georgia for 2 WEEKS. Jerry and I have some friends that we have known for 15 years and they came down for a baby shower. They are coming back for the 4th of July and their daughters wanted Park to go back with them and he really REALLY wanted to took about 2 hours for me to say okay. I love Sonja and Melissa (they are sisters) and trust them with my life, but my child has never been away from me for 2 weeks. Jerry and I have been on a few cruises, however he was with my mom. So I am really nervous but I know he is going to have such a great time. Let me see that is really all that is going on ....except I finally joined face book, I have caved. I figure the next 2 weeks I will have all kinds of time to play on the computer :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Thank you to Lori Beth for giving me my very first blog award for having an Attitude of Gratitude. I would like to nominate the following blogs for this award:
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I think my attitude of gratitude could use some work, but I know there has been some improvement. Jerry and I have had some difficult times, but I have always known God would bring us through. I have great friend and wonderful family, I am truly blessed

where does the time go

I know it has been a while so here is the latest. Jerry now has taken over an existing Edward Jones office (still in Conway). So the up side is he is out of my office, he has new clients to help and did I mention he is out of my office? However, it was not under the circumstance we had expected, but little about this career change for him has gone to plan. I know God has a plan for us so I try not to worry to much. At the same time we are hiring a new assistant for my office and that is a little scary in itself. There is me, my full time boss, part time boss and the one new person , so I am hopeful we will find someone who fits in well. Stressed? yes but it feels like a whole new beginning so I am also hopeful.
I am still on the diet, down 12 pounds yeah !!!!! I am working out, I know I did not put on the weight in one week but I sure wish I could take it off in one. The hardest is going out with friends and not eating what ever. I have gotten better. Tonight we had a potluck at the church and I took my slimfast shake and peach to the church to eat.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Okay to all the mom's out the HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!! I have to say it is the best job ever. Jerry and Park bought me an edible arrangement. It was wonderful. So my diet is not going so well. I want to be motivated, but I am not. For those of you who may not know I have had some issues with work. They are starting to get worked out but I kinda feel like life is on hold until they are resolved. However, I know I can not wait. So I am going to start fresh on Monday, say a prayer for me, I need it. Other than that life is okay, it seems I have had a run of not so great luck lately, but I know eventually it will get better :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


okay still dieting and still not loving it!!!!! Oh tomorrow Parker will be Beaker (from the Muppet's) in the the school music program, I will try to post the video and will be posting pics.